Support to Engage in Meaningful Activity

Individuals recovering from an early episode of psychosis experience the onset during formative years where education is being consolidated and careers are being started.  The urgency to return to school, work, and other vocational activities can create additional distress, which can create additional recovery challenges.  While services like Individualized Placement and Support (IPS) are effective for individuals who have been in recovery for many years and are motivated to return to work, we see that most folks recovering from early psychotic episodes need additional counsel and support to help them navigate school systems and the demands of high school, trade schools and colleges, entering or returning to the workforce, and engaging in daily life meaningfully.  We aim to bridge the service gap by providing Vocational Support that includes educational supports in addition to employment supports, and we are piloting and evaluating the inclusion of Vocational Specialists on CSC teams as well as cross training individual therapists to provide these vocational supports.

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